We work with organisations that have an interest in communication generally and in speech, language and communication needs more specifically. We work our partners in a variety of ways:

Supporting strategic development, operations and evaluation.
Providing support to develop and evaluate projects.
Supporting professional development.
In an advisory capacity for project boards.
Providing input to conferences.
Input into campaigns.

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Our Partners

Academies Enterprise Trust
Member of AET national SEND team

Conference key note and workshops​

Bradford Language for Learning
Member of Steering Group

Clickety Books
Collaboration on new books

Driver Youth Trust
Member of Expert Advisory Group

Authoring "Bercow 10 years on" report

Inclusive Learning North
Presenting to SENCo Forum Groups

Vice Chair of Advisory Group and member of Impact Group

Mable Speech and Language Therapy
Board Member and adviser

Strategic planning for evaluation

Presentation at leadership conference and nasen live.

Cambridge University
Member of management board for Oracy Cambridge

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
Research champion and Bercow 10 years on.

The Communication Trust
Project work and Platform 3

Voice 21
Member of Advisory Group